Six countries that is almost impossible for tours

Taking tours and seeing the world is an activity many love, enjoy and engage in. It becomes even more fun when the process to the end isn’t cumbersome and frustrating.

When these visiting countries are welcoming it does not just add up to their foreign exchange reserves and brings in tons of revenue but also to the comfort and hospitality of the visitors.

Yet, it may interest you to know that they are countries that do not welcome visitors for some very absurd reasons and super stringent rules. This article will be exposing top six of such countries even in this modern era of civilization.


First on that list is “NORTH KOREA”

North Korea has somehow been able to fortify extremely stringent rules about a wide range of things such as internet usage, type of haircuts, listening to foreign music, wearing jeans, or women driving, making international calls is a crime, falling asleep in a meeting while Kim speaks may lead to one’s execution etc. Of course these sorts of rules is a swift turn off to any meaning tourist. The US do not even have an ambassador to the country.


“SAUDI ARABIA” is next in line. This nation requires legal sponsor of visitor/s by a proper legal citizen of the country. The visa process is quite stringent which gives you a 50% chance of being granted one even if you have been successfully sponsored, making it a country that doesn’t quite cut for “tourist-friendly”.

SYRIA is another country with an almost impossible ability to secure its VISA which of course it’s declined in most case. Especially now that they are facing severe conflicts on a daily basis which makes it extremely unsafe to visit. It involves a complex procedure and an eternal wait for your visa to be ready, in most cases it is declined.



SOMALIA is at self risk, famous for the existence of pirates that roam in the seas surrounding it. Also requires an invitation and a sponsor before visitation to the country.

“CUBA” is shockingly on this list too. Traveling to Cuba is not an easy task unless you can prove that you are traveling for official or work reasons. If you’re traveling for leisure, you will definitely have to wait longer.

Algeria is visitable but believes in making tourists spend a lot. One needs to book accommodation and receive a certificate for the same and then you need to get invited by a travel agency in the country. This qualifies you for the application of visa, and only then you can visit the country.

Worth the read? Certain, it was. Now you are well guided on where to launch your next tourism.

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