Six Strategies to Boost Your Productivity and Be Better at Work

Do you recall the days you come back from your job feeling totally satisfied at how much you got done? Well, that is the feeling of being productive and I’m certain you just may want to experience that feeling everyday. Well, that is something this article could help you with whatever your kind of job.

Productivity translates basically to one’s degree of efficiency derived over their efforts and commitment to work. Productivity varies with individuals and sometimes can be unimpressive both to the organization or company and to the individual who is involved. Everyone needs value for their money or any other legally agreed terms and conditions reached between two parties. However, they are many reasons why people’s productivity wane and some of them if identified could be tackled for improvements.

Some of these reasons include the subsequent list but not limited to :


When one person is ladened with discharging too many responsibilities, it affects their overall performance. Compared to one who is saddled with a single role, both individuals productivity level cannot be the same.

Poor Management

This happens when the re is little or no organizational structure in place to oversee the productivity level put in by workers.  This is to say, people who work  hard are treated same as those who are lazy., with no form of appreciation, reward or compensation for their devotion.

Lack of Recognition

The inability to recognize the contributions, efforts and ideas of a person towards the growth or continuous success of a project is a common reason for reduced productivity. The person may feel insignificant and chooses to quit doing so much or give their best.

Too Many Meeting

Meetings are essential for productivity and as a reminder to stay focused on assigned duties but the frequent schedule of many impromptu staff meetings that are channeled towards condemning, scolding etc of staffs efforts other than applauding their strengths may be another factor for low productivity as this decreases their morale.


Stress from workplace can be overwhelming and leads to low productivity. Sometimes, people barely get good rest to make up for the used up energy they had wasted over the previous week.
The above factors could be fixed largely through imbibing the following strategies

Prepare a To-Do List:

A To-Do List is always very effective in improving performance level. Making a To-Do List every night before the commencement of a new day will help remind you what needs to be done and in the hierarchy of their priorities.

Manage Your To-Do List:

Also when making your to do list. It is important to keep them as short and precise as possible. The benefit of this is to help you achieve your day’s goal without worrying about getting too much done in so little time.

Delegate Roles Properly

This means that you make what seem to qualify for a division of labor. If you are occupying a supervisory position, heading a unit or group of persons. It is important to assign duties to your subjects, this will make you feel better knowing that many hands are on top of the work. However, you ought to supervise to be certain that they are getting the work done and rightly too.

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions makes you loose focus and keeps your mind and attention to work details divided. You my want to eliminate that if you intend to boost your productivity. Some common distractions are: Personal gadgets, conversations with colleagues that are not work related, personal visits during work hours, social media spaces etc. Once you can truly define your time and check these habits your productivity will drastically improve.

Quit Multitasking

This may be usually a criterion most firms likely need before hiring a person but quite frankly it affects performance. To quit Multitasking different roles will directly boost one’s productivity and focus on a particular job role. Bringing their best ideas and A-games to making the duty before them a success. Other than bothering to rush over them and risking mistakes which will lead to poor performances on the end results.

Exercise and Have Good Rest

This might be an oversight for many people, but exercise has been known  through researches to boost productivity and keep one very agile and active. This also goes for proper rest, getting sufficient rest is necessary after a hard day’s job and should be considered important as well as squarely adhered to.

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