Snails are Pets Too

Pets equals domesticated animals by man, further qualifying attributes of pets will be harmless, gentle, coexistence, warm, friendly, interesting right? Sure, you agree. How about you replace the word pets with snails, hilarious but true right? Now, that’s what: “snails are pet too”

Snails possess sterling hidden qualities and can pass for pet, these qualities include :

Behaviourally distinct: snails are unique in their behaviours. They are unlike most pets very quiet creatures, maybe even timid but courageous enough to fend for their self and stay content. This is a rare quality for most pets and persons alike, and if Frankly spoken, we need more pets and humans like snails.

Interesting: snails make quite an interesting type of pet. They may not be noisy, running all over the place but in their quiet little pond, they create the most intriguing and fascinating of sights to watch. In their slow but steady movement and spontaneity is nothing short of amazing.

Fit Schedules : Having snails as pets is quite comfy, especially for persons with rigorous schedules. Though they would enjoy a little warmth now and then but they are usually patient, providing enough ample time for their owners to go about their daily lives without nag and still return to a happy sight.

Inexpensive: Snails live simple lives and doesn’t cost a fortune unlike other forms of pest. It meals are quite basic too making it all the more convenient and fit as pet ideas.

Uniqueness : Snails are unique in every way, their shape, movement and eating. This uncommon yet adorable trait makes them great pets.

Strong: Unlike many other pets like dogs, cats, rabbits etc that are easily susceptible to health issues and change in weathers etc. Snails look fragile but unimaginably possess a high survival span and can easily recover from any disease twice faster than other pets.

Friendly across ages and races: snails are very friendly, the do not discriminate against anyone or get harmful. They are ideal pets for children too

Snails should be pets for everyone

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