5 Risks Associated with Sneaking Out To See Your Boyfriend

Sneaking out on a whole is an act that very few of us are not guilty of, and for that it really cannot be treated as a taboo. Sneaking out to see your boyfriend in the wee hours of the night, hang out with friends or go on a presumptuous thrilling adventure with a sibling are all most frequent forms of sneaking out. We cannot deny the exhilarating feel of freedom, and the excitement it comes with when successfully done. One chance to truly do stuff on your own without being watched by a parent, an elder sibling or an adult, a golden chance to be with whoever’s you want and at wherever without having to answer to anyone.

Though, as exciting and tempting as sneaking out sounds. Is it worth it? Could sneaking out place you in any potential danger? Why do teens sneak out? Is it okay to sneak out to see my boyfriend or girlfriend? What can be done instead of sneaking out? These and more are questions this article seeks to provide resourceful answers on, all you need do is keep reading to learn more.


Why Lovers sneak out to meet their partners ?

Generally, people sneak out for varying reasons and the higher demography of sneak outs are found in teens and youths. Before we specifically address why people sneak out to be with their lovers, we will like to shed light on a universal view.


Sneaking Out To See Your Boyfriend
Group of friends enjoying Friday night on the rooftop

Boredom contributes to a high percentage of sneakouts. Many persons including sneak out to have some fun, add some spice and color to their lives. This is mostly traced to the fact that they simply feel bored with their present lives or state of routine and will like to have some fun with friends but at best guess will be turned down by the adults in their lives if they were to actually ask for a permission.


Restrictions such as, an early evening curfew or a grounding that keeps kids or teens away from attending some social event or allowing them leave the house for a few days and deny them them ability to socialize can trigger sneak outs. Other restrictions triggers could be psychological, usually the human being is wired to be drawn to DON’TS rather than DO’s. People are naturally piqued towards things they are warned against than things they are allowed to, and this alone are the bedrock of some sneak outs.


Sneaking Out To See Your Boyfriend

Some parents are overly protective over their kids and loved ones. Denying them the chance to truly live, relate with others and make basic mistakes. This may make victims dare to sneak out to proof a point of being of age to cater for themselves and make their own life choices, that they are no longer babies and shouldn’t be treated as one.


Why Lovers May Sneak-out?

This answer is not far-fetched from the above, and it is most usually common with teens, college kids with early curfew etc and decreases with age advancement as they gain more freedom, see and understand life much better.


Sneaking Out To See Your Boyfriend
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When two hearts in love may feel disapproved by their parents they may be resolve to sneak out at any time of the day to meet up with their partners and spend private time together. This is especially common with teens, as adults most usually won’t need to sneak out inspite the disapproval from parents or guardians.


People who are yet to understand how best to deal with a romantic relationship and are still naive may resort to sneaking out as a way to stay in touch with each other.


Sneaking Out To See Your Boyfriend

Influence here could be a drug influence, an alcohol addiction or something of the sort.


Risks Associated with Sneaking Out To See Your Boyfriend

Once you are out of the watch of your legal guardian you are indirectly vulnerable.


For a youngster still in the full care of a parent or guardian, sneaking out to see a boyfriend or girlfriend or for other reasons demonstrates disrespect towards an authority.


Sneaking Out To See Your Boyfriend
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In the course of sneaking out to see your boyfriend or girlfriend you may expose yourself to imminent danger or direct ones from your boyfriend in question. Such as underage drinking, drugs, and physical or sexual abuse.


Far worse than the damage to your body can be the damage to your emotions which can take years for full recovery


Your parent may be psychologically strained and may panic when they discover you aren’t home to the extent of raising an alarm on the authorities. This will ultimately sever their trust in you.


A little innocent adventure such as sneaking out to be in the company of a love one can cause you your life at the least unexpected moment.



Though sneaking out feels refreshing as it gives that long awarted fulfillment to moments you have long craved, and escape from life. We still do not recommend it, to avoid gory stories (getting hurt, or arrested, or accused of something you are truly innocent of) and destroy your parents trust. You have only one life to live, do not sacrifice it on a few minutes of fun.

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