Some Difficult Truth about Life you Need to come in Terms With

Life is a sea of wonders, we cannot truly exhaust its treasures as well as it surprises that lurk within, no matter how much we try. It is a bitter-sweet tale that we have ultimately come to love and maybe could eventually love more wholeheartedly when we understand some principles that could make our lives on earth more meaningful and less regretful. Learning to embrace and enjoy the dawn of each new day and the company it provides us with along the way, making the most use of every gift with the consciousness that nothing last forever and it’s really never about how long we’ve lived but about how well is the ultimate recipe to a happy fulfilled life.

Here are truths about life you should know:

People are selfish and only care about a thing if there’s some level of benefit it gave or gives them, now or in the near future. None really cares how difficult your life is.

There is no perfect way to live life

None is going to love you exactly like you imagine and crave for and same goes for you towards others.

You need almost about nothing to join the crowd, but about everything to stand alone.

Like it or not failures are very crucial part of life.

You might want to be careful what you stress about, your achievements and success won’t matter on your death bed.

In life, only one thing is constant “change” and people definitely change, accept it.

Eyes have no lid, once you’ve seen, you’ve seen, you cannot pretend otherwise. Neither can you erase it.

Every next level of your life will demand a different you, so you change too, admit it or not.

You might want to think you are irreplaceable, that might be true if people do not look hard enough. Anyone can be replaced except parents.

There is usually two sides to everything in life.

Death is inevitable for everyone including those you really love and what’s worse is none ever knows when.

Trust is built in droplets and takes years but lost in buckets, in a single act of carelessness, same can be said of truths.

Some of the best persons you may know may just be strangers who crossed your path just when you needed them and some of the most terrible people come disguised as family.

The person who takes a job only in order to survive has turned himself or herself into a slave willingly.

If we were half grateful for what we have in life as we get worried about the things we lacked, we would all lead happier and longer lives.

To get to the light we must pass through a dark tunnel else we wouldn’t tell the difference nor appreciate the moments.

When someone is drowning and you try to rescue them, they are more likely to drown you before you succeed in pulling them out.

Apparently people easily get upset by the truth because it bruise their illusion and ego.

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