Soul Tattoo Distinct Differences That Will Appeal to You

We cannot fully talk about a soul tattoo without giving credence to other tattoos before it. Tattoos in itself has been around the human world for as long as thousands of years ago. But modern tattoos is said to date back to about the mid 19th century They weren’t always this flexible or spontaneous like we see today, but they were tattoos after all. Then, came permanent tattoos like the name implies it is expected to stay for life or at least as long as possible without fading. They are tones of reasons why people tattoo, one of which is for expression, identification (like in the mid 19th century where soldiers tattooed to easily spot their own but the reasons behind tattooing have also experienced transition over the years. Now people express their beliefs, religion, media characters, etc through tattoos.

Reasons ssuch as this and more account for the growth and steady diversity of tattoos, which also literally has brought about the creation of soul tattoo by Ashley Brant.


What Is a “Soul Tattoo”?

Soul Tattoos are a unique sect of sacred tattoo body art experience created and practiced by Ashley River Brant, who describes herself as a multidimensional artist and feminine healer. According to Ashley, “A Soul Tattoo is a form of intuitive tattooing that goes back to the ancient feminine origins of tattoo art, when tattoos were used for healing, protection, and manifestation of energy”.

The catalog of common designs has exploded and it seems like there’s a tattoo for every style, mood, and personality. With the advent of social media, where we can all post and share our body art, the bounds of tattoo artists’ creativity is ever expanding.


Purpose of Soul Tattoos

Soul Tattoo
Tattoo artist drawing soul tattoo on woman’s back

Creative Embodiment

Soul Tattoos are said to be made with awestrucking creativity by the artist, one with total uniqueness that appeals solely to an individual’s style and personality. Allowing them to trust their creative ability, and believe in their selves developing and boosting confidence in an individual, that may not have originally been there.

Intentional and Meaningful

Another distinct attribute of Soul tattoo is the ability to be intentional, life feels better when there is a purpose to live for. This purpose can be infused into a soul tattoo made on an individual, constantly giving a person a cause to keep going even when the going may get tough. It brings about meaningful living, the need to make choices that are totally intentional and reduce unwelcoming surprises.


Soul Tattoo
Woman getting tattoo in studio

The founder of Soul tattoo admits that she wanted to create a safe space for herself, and other women, to receive tattoos with care, intention, and connection to the sacred. For this reason, utmost care is greatly harnessed for a soul tattoo and a safe environment is created to bring about warmth and calmness. This feeling of safety ultimately brings relaxation and healing to individuals receiving the tattoos.

Great Historical Affiliations

Women iin the ancient times indulged in Soul Tattoos for protection for both them and their children before childbirth, these tattoos were drawn around their upper thighs, and was believed to speak fertility in some magical ways.


Why People Get Soul Tattoos?

Soul Tattoo
Soul Tattoo connection

Mostly to feel a connection that may not be logically explanatory. Also, because it is feminine, creative, sacred, unseen energy.

What Are the Risks in a Soul Tattoo?

Though Soul Tattoos sound all magical and healing, they are still tattoos, and typically of Tattoos they might be harmful to the nervous system, and should be done with caution and care. To achieve the most on a soul tattoo, the tattoo expert needs to be well rested, feel the resonance of the tattoo, be able to reflect, apply gentleness and patience as well as self confidence and creativity in every work he or she does. A quality not exactly present in a tattoo machine.

What to Expect From a Soul Tattoo Session

A session starts off with a meditation, communion with the plants, a heart-to-heart chat/intention setting, and an aura reading. “I then channel a one-of-a-kind medicinal tattoo design for the client that carries the intent of transformation their soul is calling in,” explains Brant, who says the tattoo placement is also intentional, and based on the client’s chakra and meridian system. “I tattoo by hand in a relaxing and ceremonial experience that often includes sound, energy, and plant healing.”


How Long Does it take to get a Soul Tattoo Done

Depends on the type of tattoo to be done on the individual (the size, viktricate designs etc) and the individuals ability to relax, averagely, it can take anywhere from 2hours 30mins to 6 hours, or may be broken up in multiple sessions, explains Ashley.

How Much Does a Soul Tattoo Cost?

Soul Tattoo sessions cost $222-$333 per hour depending on location.

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