Stereotypes and You

Eric, you can’t do the dishes that’s Sandra’s role.

You talk just like a woman

Use of condoms are clear indicators of an unfaithful partner

Africans are uneducated 

I won’t have you drop that tear, men don’t cry

You’re too opinionated for a young lady hoping to get married someday 

I really like Goshen, do I ask him out? Hell No, that’s his line, sit tight. 

All whites are racist

Nigerian women are lazy

The examples are unfortunately endless. Stereotypes have been a thing that ought to be looked into at all levels, across religions, cultures, gender etc


Stereotypes have subtly affected people unconsciously, making them withdrawn or tread with extra caution for fear of being mislabeled. Stereotypes are usually a highly biased information, because it stems from a part, to a whole. 

Are there positive stereotypes? The answer is yes.Example

African women are very gorgeous and hardworking.

Ask yourself a few questions, and answer honestly. 

How stereotypical are you? 

How much do you believe in stereotyping? 

If you discovered that a particular unfavourable stereotype happened to be true, will that influence your choices? 

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