The Beauty of Traveling

Yes, I know you know what traveling means. Why don’t we start that piece by going down memory lane. Think about it, yes that most fanciful place you’ve been. That one place that got you so at peace with your inner self, so free and appreciative for life there and then. Think about the ambience, what it was about that place you couldn’t figure out. Think about the serenity, the people you met or saw. Did you for a second wish life was that harmonious, that simple, that easy. Well, that right there is the beauty of traveling.

When it comes down to traveling, anything and anyone is welcomed. There’s no particular taste or expertise required except there’s need for one. Because traveling in itself could be done spontaneously by a newbie out of a thought in the moment or by those afraid of adventure that travel with extra security feature and of course the truly adventurous that leave everything to the unknown and also the demography right in between, young and old, experienced and not experienced.

The Beauty of Traveling

“Travel is an investment in yourself.”

The beauty about traveling is that there’s no way that we should experience the country or talk with its people. There is no correct way to order a meal that is foreign when one doesn’t even speak the local language. All you do is attempt to find your own way, no grades, no expectations, no apologies nor assumptions of what one should do.

There are beautiful moments when you only connect with a smile. We live in a society of customs and expectations, filled with rules, regulations and laws. Where things are expected to be done in a certain fashion and people act in a certain manner. We are told we are free but in the reality of the word we are far from it. But traveling, helps one to taste that, to come close to understanding the bulkiness of the word, to open our hearts and minds to possibilities.

The Beauty of Traveling

So are your thoughts in sync with mine now? How about we do that? Yes, travel.

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