The Benefit Of Thank You In Business

As humans, while going through our daily lives and interactions with people we have had the need to say thank you towards one gesture or another from people both known and unknown and vice-versa. Those two syllables “THANK YOU” , sometimes have made all the difference we ever needed, it may have been the reason we got that recommendation, offered someone that favor, fixed that leaking roof, served them that long, got that scholarship, name it.

We already know how difficult it can be to run a business successfully in a world where they exist hundreds to millions of similar business ideas, with even better customer service, resources and products. We understand the market competition that seeks to address the needs of same demography only divided through geographical locations. In that light, many business owners, huge companies inclusive have seen the need to up their creativity and strategies through diverse means and this they keep absolutely dynamic to stay in line with technology while meeting the high demands across regions.

Saying “thank you” is one of the major strategies that every business owner, both small and large scale should adopt, to keep their staffs and clients satisfied and such business maximizing profits. The most admirable thing about saying ‘thank you’ is that it cost you absolutely zilch but allows you gain much.

We want you to maximize profits in your business and for that we reckon the following

  • Make Thank you a rule not just a gesture: For a business to be successful, you need clients and customers to purchase whatever product or services, you are trading. Furthermore you need these clients to return and eventually retain them permanently. This will not just happen by the quality of your products but even more by the attitude while rendering these products and services. Hence, it is vital to make sure that your staffs understand that they need to show appreciation and gratitude to a customer not as a gesture or a habit but as a rule. This means, they do not have to be pleased with a client or be in a good mood to say thank you but for every client and customer doing business with them they ought to appreciate them for choosing the company.
  • Forge Stronger relationships: As employers of labor it is paramount to know and understand that people like to be treated right and will function twice better when they are. Above respect, appreciation is one of the many measures to build and keep good relationship in business. Every employee that likes their jobs, actually do, firstly because of the relationship they have with their bosses and co-workers, most times before the take home pay the earn. To convince you further, people still report happier to jobs with lower pay and a healthy working environment than they would with jobs with higher pay and a toxic working environment. Those who eventually do, mostly have quitting plans up their sleeves after a while. It is very important for businesses, companies etc to appreciate the efforts of all their staffs and even offer special rewards to very dedicated ones. By adopting, this strategy your employers will feel recognized, appreciated and re-energized to do more, producing full potentials without feeling used or nursing any other negativity. This strengthens and builds stronger bonds resulting in a better culture and guarantees a win-win for all.
  • Generates positive emotions: The ability to say thank you in business stir up positive emotions. Customers will likely return to a company where they are appreciated for spending their hard earned money and acquiring a particular service than they would to a place they are unrecognized. Telling a client thank you could likely win your business more audience, those little worded emails of appreciation, and text messages that beeps on their phone shows them that they are valued.

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