The Last Time I Was Super Embarrassed

Embarrassment is simply public ridicule or shame, most times meted out to another person completely unprepared. But it’s also not entirely negatively defined. There is a thin line between embarrassment and shyness though.

Have you ever been in a situation like the one described above?

How did you react at the material time?

Did it affect your decisions in future?

Ever humiliated someone for any reason?

Will you say it was worth it? Or will you say there are better ways you could have done that?

Embarrassment is an awkward incident for anyone, even for the most social and bold of persons. But, it happens anyway at any place or function. There are levels to embarrassment and sometimes they are not just done by third parties but by ourselves to ourselves. We all have had our periods disgrace us in some public places, at the extreme we wished the earth could crave open and get us hidden for the most part.

I will share what I consider the most embarrassing moment of my life.


Few years ago back in my university days, I vividly remember an incident that almost ruined my image. I was in my third year then and I had a clique of friends and these girls like every normal students had a good eye for men they fancied. I didn’t have a problem because somehow they kept up with their grades and neither was I a Saint, until this particular day.

I was sitted at the lecture hall like everyone else and we were just about to wrap up a lecture when there was a growing rumble from a corner, at first I had waved the noise not until it got louder and I heard my name and heads turned in my direction. I tried to make out what was being said but somehow got nothing, as I made to get up. The lecturer who had noticed the rumble but had paid deaf ears finally inquired what they were chatting about and that they should carry everyone along. After a whole minute of silence, one of them finally found her voice.

There’s a picture of Vera and a story line that confirms she’s been exploring the genitalia of Kwame Azima who happens to be my fiancé among other men in her claws, to think that I practically pay half of her bills…she would still be talking if not for the lecturers timely intervention. I was too dumbstruck to speak or attempt to say a word when the said names were asked to stand if they were persons in that department.

It took exactly 3weeks to get to the bottom of the scandal and for the third week I totally stayed off campus because of the shame. The week my name was finally cleared, I still couldn’t bring myself to school and I was traumatized for over a month. I had to suspend the semester.

Embarrassment is harmful to timid people especially if they are innocent of a false accusation and can lead to low self esteem, depression and worse still loss of lives especially when the victims are not vindicated like they were embarrassed. We should manage embarrassment wisely. “When you humiliate someone you’re not neither stronger nor more proud or more powerful you are just more miserable”


Though there are two sides two everything and there’s a brighter side to embarrassment. Everything rallies around how we take things.

A quote says “Embarrassment has a lot to do with thinking too much. Let it go. Nobody cares as much as you think they do.” So, you see you don’t have to nurse and ugly incident, move on.

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