The Magic Of 30 Minutes Daily Walk

Are you of the school of thought that walking is for the low-class? Do you feel too learned to walk? Do you feel too sick for a stroll? Or possibly too tired almost always? Do you feel cramps just after taking a few steps?

Then you cannot stop reading! This is for you.
1. Improve your mental health: Walking daily certainly reduces stress levels, prevent early dementia, and reduce risk of azheimers disease.

2. Eyesight improves: You’re probably wondering what walking have to do with your eyes. Well it may interest you to know walking 30 minutes daily benefits your vision, reliefs eye pressures and helps actively to fight glaucoma.


3. Restoring healthier hearts: Unlike exercises that are very controlled and supervised, not suitable for many. 30 minutes Walking isn’t harmful, it prevents cardiovascular disease and strokes, lowers high BP and cholesterol levels, improving general blood circulation.

4.Increase lungs capacity: Daily walking also allows for Increase oxygen flow, eliminate toxins and waste.

5. Benefits Pancreas: Walking helps to maintain glucose levels, prevent diabetes, improves metabolism and insulin production

6. Improves digestion: Walking regulates digestion processes, lowers the risk of colon cancer, improve bowel movements

7. Tone your muscles: You may be surprised but yes just by walking 10000 steps a day, it flexes your muscles and does not leave them sore, allowing you to repeat routine.


8. Strengthening bones and joints: Walking daily also reduce joints pain, prevent loss of bone mass and reduce risks of fractures.

9. Relief from lower back pain: Walking 30 minutes a day, allows better blood circulation within the spinal area, improves posture and flexibility of back muscles.

10. Better Mood: Amazing right? Regular walks reduces stress, depression and anxiety levels therefore putting one in a better relating mood. A Lovely stroll with a friend will multiply the effect and improves general mood for an even longer term.

Walking could be more, a meditation, an exercise, a hobby, a relaxation, a therapy. Try it

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