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The “Tiger King 2” – Worth our screens?

For wild animal lovers, who have something out of the ordinary for movie storylines that attempts to capture, the relationship between humans and animal who dare to act out of the norm. The “Tiger King 2” filmmakers decorates Joe Exotic to particularly do justice to his absurdly complex figure in this story, having been hit by some really unfavourable times, that has shaped his present day choices and actions— a tender youth, an abusive father, the death of a sibling, an ex-wife who recalls when she discovered he was gay. Tiger King 2 points its searchlight on a number of societal mishaps such as, murder, serving term, the anti-law enforcement, anti-government, anti-media paranoia of personalities, vigilante’s and more.

A character like Tim Stark can be seen as heroic or pathetic, depending on who’s watching.

“Tiger King” and “Tiger King 2″ Netflix’s approach to it

“Tiger King 2” escalates on realm crime events and their territory which somehow caused the disappearance of Don Lewis, and its “investigation” into what happened, it is suspenseful as well as fun and maybe that was deliberate. The “Tiger King” haulmark anchors on attention-seeking figures doing unbelievably horrible things for notoriety, such as keeping wild animals on dilapidated little zoos where they cannot or will not care for them properly. Yet, depends on Ripper Jack, a YouTube armchair detective to profer a solution, and the testimony of eccentric friends, embittered exes and psychics with a penchant for throwing up when they’re upset. It’s a crazily entertaining cast for a “Tiger King” reality show, but troublesome when used as sources in a murder investigation.

Baskin is a character that refuses to participate in the follow-up, so they pulled footage from hours of her own uploaded YouTube videos and dropped that in the mix to create an outrageous narrative. The other “case-cracking” aspects of the series revolve around the claim that Exotic was framed, but the evidence and testimonials are more like a three-ring circus fashioned out of leftovers from the original series.

The most cynical bit of all? The series that barely explored the exploitation or abuse of animals, but canonized their keepers, ends on a conservationist note. Big cats seized from Lowe’s and Stark’s zoos now roam free at a wildlife rescue reserve. They are finally safe. Please! It could be worth our screens after all.

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