Tipping in Spain – How it is practiced and when?

Are you much of a traveler because of your job or personality? Ever visited Spain? Or is it one place you still have plans for in the nearest future? Well, if you have been spending more than just 24-48 hours at most countries you happen to visit, depending on where you hail from you will probably notice and learn about a thing or two about the locales way of life and how they treat tourist as well as how tourists or visitors respond in return. For the purpose of this article our focus is to shade some light on tipping in Spain.


Compared to the United States where tipping is highly practiced and a welcomed gesture or an active culture in most establishments except on some rare occasions or grounds, or in the UK where a service charge is oftentimes paired to the bill as standard. Tipping works differently in Spain just as it does in other countries and it may be a bit difficult to decipher or blend as a visitor on when to actually give a tip or how much would be an appropriate tip for an exceptional service.

Worthy of note, though is, the fact that tipping in Spain isn't customary or ruled, most times tips are based on personal discretion and judgment. 

Criteria for Tipping in Spain?

Tipping in Spain
Man paying and tipping off the cab driver

Most Spaniards have good pay in line with their work type and position that are comparatively higher salaries. You may even come across some restaurant servers tossing the tip their table left for them into the cash register so they do not necessarily depend or look forward to tips as part of their income.

Another reason why Spaniards do not necessarily get much tips is due to the quality of service rendered. Though, opinions differ but compared to other countries Spaniards offer lower services, and so except a service is exceptional many do not enjoy tips.

In addition, for Spanish restaurants and bars, staff are mostly paid in full which enables them to afford their basic needs without tips.


How To Tip in Spain

Tipping in Spain
Man includes tip to his bill at a cafe

Since, tipping is not customary. It allows for individual’s convenience. This means that, if you enjoy a quality service from a Spaniard staff, and finds it very compelling to leave a tip, you can give as generous as you wish, from a handful of coins to a couple of euros based on your level of generosity and pocket size. You also may want to trim it down to the size of the bill received, though most likely leaving a tip that is beyond 10% of the bill is usually considered quite generous of the individual.

Also, you may want to round off your tip to the nearest zeros or less, say you stopped for a quick beer or coffee, a casual sit-down meal or pay for an U-ber service especially if he or she helped out with carrying your luggage from the cab into your destination. Also, tipping in Spanish can be quantified by how formal looking and exotic a place is. Dining at great looking restaurants and enjoying impeccable service may prompt an individual to leave more tip than he would at a coffee shop with very little customer care and service.

Tipping in Spain
A bellhop in hotel, getting tip from a guest for delivering luggage to room

The most sets of tipped persons in Spain would be hotel staff, such as porter that enjoy around 1 euro per bag, Housekeepers between 2 – 5 euros per day, Concierge, about 5-10 euros for exceptional service, 1 or 2 euros for one who delivers your meal etc as well as tour guides who may get about 10-20 euro tip for satisfactory service.


Though conclusively, there is absolutely no need to worry about tipping in Spain as there is in any other country, and if you do decide to leave a few bucks alongside your bill, you will most likely get chastised for being overly generous, as it isn’t in most Spaniards culture to leave tips.

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