Top Three Needs Without Which I Can’t Function Normally Everyday and Why?

Hey there, if you are reading this as at the moment it gets posted or about two hours after it means you are definitely reading it on the dawn of a new day. There is something about time and us that makes us understand things happening around us a lot better.

Everyday, we rise to a new day. Totally unaware of how that day will go, yet we make plans, schedules and events towards the maximum utility of that day like we were in control. Sometimes these schedules we place eventually gets fulfilled. Sometimes it doesn’t but this never deters us from making future plans.


So I thought to myself, why? What three needs are super essential without which we can’t function to our best potentials every day? I first used self, as a case study and here’s what I got.

Away from oxygen I have come to realize I almost can’t go a day without these three needs and this weren’t a thing to me in the past twenty years ago but somehow my life today breathes it, centers around it and functions within it. It maybe different for you but it is an essential part of me, if not an addiction.

1. Drinking Water : Water is so important to me, too important I’m not certain I can go a day without it even when I’m on a religious exercise. To stay without food is possible but I can’t say the same when I’m dehydrated, I’d certainly break all the rules if any to get myself drinking water. That’s the first thing I can’t go a day without else something will most likely go/is wrong.

2. Internet : Next, on my list will be the internet. This same thing was nothing to me and most persons about fifteen, twenty years back. But of course, change they say is constant and somehow the times have changed and in short a pace of time our entire lives have shifted before us. We can’t seem to do without the internet these days, almost everything we do gets on the internet or is learnt from the internet. It feels so weird to go a day without data on my phone or any gadgets and sometimes I fight myself to stay a day without the internet which most times ends up a failed project.


3. Gadgets: To access the internet one must first own a gadget that supports such functions, no matter how small or simple it is. In most cases our phones serves just this purpose. Sometimes even if I try to get some discipline and probably stay off the internet because I have blatantly refused to make data subscriptions on my phone. I still will definitely just fiddle with other apps on it that doesn’t need the internet connection to function. If my battery dies, I go lengths to make sure it comes back on else I’d feel like something within me is dead and I’d barely get focused on other things.

Words for Thoughts: It beats my imagination and almost saddens me to think asides from the first option I presented that abstract and inanimate object sort of is replacing the position that originally should be occupied by a human being, but of course that isn’t a story for today. What are your three everyday needs you can’t do without, drop your comments, let’s share.

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