Travel Trivia

Travel trivia in my personal opinion is simply “amusement-travelling”. This is particularly from the meaning of both words. In a bit to write this article, I looked through google for similar topic but even the internet does not have much on the topic. So I took an extra time and care to compile this information for your pleasure and educational experience.

Travel trivia is particularly about amusement as stated earlier. Tourists deserve to have all the fun they can, while paying visit to their places of interest. To achieve this can only be certain in trips that are not choked with much expectations, assignments, responsibilities, and educational notations but one with which guarantees opportunity to be all that you are, appreciating all that is around you without necessarily worrying over a thing or school research work.


Travel trivia adopts all that can be thought of and imagined for travelers to have all the fun they can get through out the duration of their tour.

Some of these travel trivia may include:
Serene Accommodation : For tourists who intend to spend a couple of days at their visiting destinations. It is part of the trivia to settle in accommodations that are safe and serene where they do not have to worry about their safety or properties and can go about their daily tour without second thoughts that may rid them of all they fun they could get.

Tour Guides : To achieve maximum satisfaction, amusement and huge benefit as a traveler to any new locations. It is of utmost importance to have a tour guide or tour guides depending. These persons are usually very helpful, giving you right tips on what is what, when to try something and when not to, the myths and facts about a place etc. This helps any traveler to appreciate visited places better while learning about them.


Games: Tourists will have more fun with games when on a trivia. Games both outdoor and indoors are usually activities that can put anyone in a good mood, simultaneously keeping travelers fit to take on other activities and sites yet to be visited. It also provides a good environment to bond with the locales.

Digital Gadgets: While on any tour you definitely will come across some sites that are just irresistible and you need the memory to be as fresh and without missing any detail whatsoever, perhaps for future references. This is where you need a camera, a recorder, a notepad, just about anything to help you archive that particular travel trivia.


Food Items: It may surprise you how handy this will help your travel trivia experience. Tourists may get hungry in the course of the tour and may have wandered too far off a restaurant. Packaged, canned foods, sodas etc will do just about the needed magic to restore interest to a weary tourist.

Travel Trivia Quiz: This is another level of fun entirely. When quiz are shared among travelers, this isn’t just entertaining, but bonding, educative and relaxing. Travel trivia would not be totally thrilling without travel questions as brain teasers with rewards to compliment efforts.

Travel trivia is an adventure you definitely you would want to sign up for personally or even more with a love one to spur the moments to leave it breathless and evergreen over the years.

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