Tropical Storm (Elsa)

You may have seen the geographical term “tropical storm” pop a few times but never for once have you really known the meaning and here is to that effect.

Tropical storm like the name connotes has it stems from tropical oceans and hurricanes it is a localized, very intense low-pressure wind system. This storms are very well triggered by warm ocean waters and loses it intensity as it nears land.

With the insight above, coastal regions are most susceptible areas to this tropical storms. The effect of this storm can cause long heavy rain that may last for hours eventually leading to floods both in land and rivers.

Tropical Cyclone, Isabel.
Photo ISS

In a recent report from South Florida, tropical Storm had formed in the Atlantic and had been named “Elsa” and the number 5 record-breaking storm of the season. Elsa still lack sufficient projections on its track and hence still kept in close scrutiny.

Elsa poses a warning for Barbados, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and a tropical storm watch for Grenada and its dependencies as well as the southern and western coasts of Haiti from the southern border of the Dominican Republic to Le Mole le St. Nicholas.


The storm has been moving quite speedily to the west at 26 mph with maximum sustained winds at 50 mph with higher gusts and is expected to pick up its pace in the next day or so as it moves northwest.

From the above report, one can see tropical storms are very catastrophic when it hits susceptible regions, which is why it is wise to be kept in close watch.

Tropical storm leads to death records, infections, power outages, bridge destruct etc. Sounds quite dangerous right?

Well, let’s hope Elsa does not get to this point for Florida and its surrounding regions.

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