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Uruguay vs Chile score: Suarez saves the day to cancel out Eduardo Vargas opener

In the Copa America group stage in a 1-1 draw with Chile on Monday, a second-half goal created by Luis Suarez rescued a point for Uruguay.

Uruguay had improved their performance somewhat in the second match, as the seem to have found their head in the game leaving Chile to a near tragedy.

At a 1-0 loss by Uruguay to Argentina, the team extends its confidence to five games inspite their attacking players not being at their best forms.

Eduardo Vargas of Chile had provided his team with just the one shot they needed to beat Muslera 26 minutes into the game.


uruguay vs chile score

But for Suarez, who saves the day in rivalry with his ex team mate, the story would be different as that marked the highlight of the game for many viewers beating Claudio.


His attention to details and intervention came right at the nick of time, only to be reported as an own goal.

This earned them first place in Group A for the time being with five points, while Uruguay are in fourth with one point. Four teams in the group advance to the quarterfinals, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Peru though Uruguay isn’t looking so good at their efforts.

Who will win the Copa América group stage 2021?

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