Ways to cool down your home without AC

Imagine a world without some chilled air, certainly that will be a difficult world for even the hottest nation to thrive in. Extremities of any climate is usually harsh on about anybody. it endangers both living and non-living things alike which is why it is necessary to keep our bodies as cool and comfortable as possible. For that to happen it begins with keeping our homes cool. However, not every one can afford installing an AC or have a body that can acclimatize to living with one for several reasons especially health related issues. It is therefore necessary to improvise yet go back to a comfortably very cool home that will likely surprise a guest that may pay you a visit.


The following ways have been tested and tried to be effective and harmless:

Use LED for light Bulbs – All electronic equipment produces heat, light bulbs are not excluded and some type of light bulbs produces more heat than some when put on. This contributes to the temperature of your home. LED lights, on the other hand, are more energy-efficient in keeping your home cool and also help you save your utility bills. A good option is use LED light bulbs for all your home lighting if you can afford them or put the regular bulbs off during the daytime.

Ways to cool down your home without AC
Using Fan and Ice to cool home

Place Ice in Front of a Fan: This tip might be temporary but effective while it lasts. When the fan is on place ice in an open semi-flat tray in front of the fan. This is because if the plate is a deep bowl, tendencies are the fan will not be effective in circulating the cool vapor round the room as it should thus making your room cooler. It’s best to keep the doors and windows shut during this, to allow the air trapped inside. This is an ideal alternative to an air conditioner. Just stay a few distance away so it doesn’t bother you.

Use Dark Blinds: You might be wondering why you have to use dark blinds, just like our clothes bright colors reflect light while dark colors absorb them. When you’re trying to cool your home in the summer, you need to use darkly curtains to keep the sunlight out. This prevent the sun-rays from overheating your home during the day time. In addition to using dark colored blinds, it’s important to leaver blinds closed during the day. This will help you cool down your home without AC especially If your window catches a lot of direct sunlight.


Open Windows and Interior Doors at Night: At night, the sun is gone and you can enjoy the cool night breeze, but most persons keep their curtains closed to keep out insects and other rodents which may find its way into an open window, In other words, costing them the sweet comfort of a cool night breeze that is equivalent or more usually cozier than an AC. Which is why you should keep your surroundings and home properly fumigated. When this is done, you can always open the windows and doors in your home at night. This will create a cross breeze that fills your room with cool air.

Sleep Low: The air at your feet is less hot than at the ceiling states the principal of warm air rise. You should place your mattress on the floor on some really hot nights or sleep on the mat placed on the floor if your ground is made up of tiles. I do not recommend direct body contact with a tiled floor for health reasons. Though, tiles are usually cool and will make sleeping more comfortable.


Stay hydrated and Shower: Staying hydrated is a not just a way to stay healthy but works for heat too. Some nights might need Chilled water (not iced) as it will your body from within. To make it work better, you should have a fresh night shower just before you go to bed to keep you cool and hydrated.

Always choose cotton sheets for your bed: Cottons are comfortable fabrics for both clothing and ideal for sheets compared to other textures, they have breathable cores.

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