Weather for two, consequence for?

Your guess is as good as mine, if you answered that. Hilarious right? Well, yeah of course. Weather for two, has been a famous slang around this time of the year where rain is known to fall cats and dogs.

It is no more news that this has been a familiar phrase year in year out especially in the lips of youngsters during the months of heavy downpours which lies between June and August.


Though, the answer to that is evident in the minds of every sane adult. Frequently asked questions still include: Why? Why, weather for two, and consequence for one? Wasn’t it a mutually consenting act between two adults?

Well, how about we try to chop that into as many halves as necessary? First, let’s start by answering and analyzing the phrase “weather for two”.

Does rainy season directly really interprete itself as weather for two or it’s just a human philosophy. In other words, can two freezing people get warmer by lying close to each other (for example, in bed)?

Apparently Yes, it’s beyond a human philosophy it’s proven that the rate of heat lost from a human to the surrounding very cold ambient environment is lower than the rate of heat lost from a human to another human. Moreover, heat conduction between two bodies occurs at the surface interface between them.

If you reduce the amount of surface area exposed to the environment (and instead expose it to a different but warmer object), you reduce the total heat lost to that environment.


Hence, there is a lot of heat generated by two people lying in very close tandem or proximity to each other.

The real deal isn’t just in the lying down of two beings just to evict cold but in the actual intercourse that translates to a consequence for one.

Why, then is this consequence for one? Wasn’t it mutually agreed?

Well, to answer that as simple and direct as possible. It is ideal to say that only one person among two opposite gender, intimately consuming adult carries the embryo and this responsibility is naturally wheeled to the female.

Also, if these two adults are not legally in a romantic relationship before exercising the weather for two phrase. It’s more likely that the male if he isn’t responsible or ready will cower in the face of the consequence even if it were mutual resenting the expectant mother to her fate.


Is weather for two really necessary? Well, this answer varies and is unique to every individual but the consequence could be overridden if some measures are taken.

Some of the ways to prevent these consequences include: Abstinence, use of good and quality condoms, pregnancy pills, and general family planning. Before, on or after sexual intercourse with a partner.

Note: This measures are diverse and could need a professional medical personnel to guide you through what works best for you, if you must get involved in the “weather for two phrase”.

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