What is wealth to you?

Let’s look at this self prepared wealth ranking 
Do you know your present category?
(By that I mean where you belong financially) Note: This article is self compiled with the intent to help you stay aware of your financial success and push you to earn more, invest more and save more. 

Category 1: The stinking wealthy (Those on forbes list  already)

Category 2: The Averagely wealthy : ( Multi-Millionaires, company owners, lead politicians, highly respected academic professionals as well as exceptional in esteemed fields)


Category 3: The New Money: (Attained limelight through a life changing opportunity, connections, favour, efforts finally recognized etc”)

Category 4: The Just Okay: (Some religious leaders, successful careers, blooming business owners etc)

Category 5: The shooters: (Hundreds of thousands to their name, the optimist, the vast tech skilled, the learners and practitioners, the inlove with their career-kind, relationship is a distraction mindset money-first theory)

Category 6: The survivors: (The hustlers, the meagre-income earners, the talented and pitching, the believers and strong-willed, the bosses in their own frame, the creative)

Category 7: The poor: (The unseen, the cruel living, the hand-to-mouth fraction, the mostly parasitic, the trampled, the crumb eaters, the little or no choice receivers, the despised, the low thinkers, the scared, the hard hand workers, the unleashed talented)

Now, category sincerely identified, first step to progress is acceptance of what is, so accept any category you fit in and your problem is half solved.


Next, Dare to change it, only you can. How? Of course I’d tell you how. 

Next, forget the past, the dids and couldn’ts, control the present. Choose another category, any you solely crave to fall into in the next 5-10years

Next, set a goal, make a workable and realistic plan to follow religiously, preferably write down these plans with maximum time of achievement as guide. Employ an unusual plan for an unusual result.

Next, get skills, education, or journals to allign your set goals.

Next, revaluate your distractions, friends, romantic relationships, social media, attitude, weakness etc and eliminate ALL. Look out for opportunities and seize them, attempt new things.

Let your best be good enough, be patient, and trust the process. 

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