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Which parenting style is most encouraged in Modern America

Parenting style is basically the emotional climate and control in which parents use to raise their kids. Every day, you come across all kinds of kids and sometimes you cannot help but sit back and ponder what type of way these kids were raised. this is because some of those you get to meet are nothing short of good parenting. This is evident in their way of life, mannerism, speech, thoughts, peer group etc and same goes for some not so greatly raised kids. All these areas speak volumes too.

Though several factors asides parenting style constitutes for how a child eventually turns out. Parenting style remains the major factor, in raising kids. Yet, choosing a parenting style translates to deciding how you will respond to your kids words and acts. most often than not the type of parenting style that is used by individual parent is likely based on their personality.

Parenting styles have been categorized into four main types by Diana Baumrind. These four styles include:

Uninvolved or Neglectful: As the name implies uninvolved parenting – These is a parenting style where the kids parent sit on the sideline and do not get involved in the child`s development, conducts and ethics or even education. The parents are either too busy working on other things that they consider more important in their lives and at such their role and responsibility to their kids is relegated to either a family member, a nanny, foster care or any one else other than themselves.

Indulgent or Permissive: Indulgent parenting involves the type of parenting whereby a child is allowed to have his or her way almost always if not always. the child out rightly makes the decision without any counter from the parent. In other words, the child plays the parent in most aspect and the parent the child. Worthy of note is “most parents think they are showing boundless love to their kids with this parenting style but do not understand that love itself is embedded in discipline.

Disciplinarian or Authoritarian: Disciplinarian, totalitarian or authoritarian parenting is a parenting style where kids are ordered around to do only what the parents want and instructs without any say of their own. Discpilinarian parenting have high demands, stringent rules and expect total obedience with no questions whatsoever.

Authoritative/Propagative – This fourth style of parenting implies that parents express their emotions warmly to their kids as well as teach them moral values, create limits to their actions and punish them where necessary with affection. Parents here are very responsive and show love thereby being present in the child’s development and all-round growth.

Authoritative/Propagative is most encouraged in America. Psychologists and psychiatrists including research have proven that authoritative parenting consistently births the best outcomes in kids. Authoritative parenting style is considered the best because parents here wants to see their children grow, become independent, and behave appropriately for their ages.

Unlike the previous three which have the following effect on kids:

Uninvolved or Neglectful: Kids in this category usually due to lack of love, sense of direction, etc tend to be at high risk of depression, low self-esteem, poor social behavior, aggression, or even suicidal.

Indulgent or Permissive: Indulgent parenting even with parents that have the child’s best intentions at heart often leave kids to be egocentric, impulsive, rude and even uncontrollable. These type of kids fails to recognize their parent as an authority. They will regard parents as friends who cannot tell them what to do.

Disciplinarian or Authoritarian: Clearly kids with this type of parenting grow up timid, low self esteem and voiceless in most instances. they also do not truly understand what love is and may not understand how to express or even accept it.

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