Why I’m The Way I Am – Temperament types

Personalities are clearly our individual unique characteristics that makes us distinct from the next human and they are imbibed in our nature and ultimately responsible why we act the way we do. Certain people’s personalities allow them stay calm even in the face of prevailing problems or bugs, while some can only endure for a while, others might flare up the minute the issue birthed. They are both very amazing sides to all personalities and also a downside to all. This means no personality type is a 100% good and this is clearly represented in the fact that none is perfect.

However, personality types have been distinctly categorized into four (4) this therefore means that every human in the world will most likely fall into one or two of these personality types. Furthermore, many research of psychology have had personalities to be categorized further into 3, 5 or 8, a typical example is the work of Myers & Briggs’ 16 personality types. Though, modern day experts have stuck with the listed four:

  • Choleric
  • Phlegmatic
  • Sanguine
  • Melancholic


The Choleric personality are unique particularly in communication style, they speak freely and deliberately and dislike long and detailed storyline, they insist on the point, likes to get result, likes to shape their environment by overcoming opposition to get results. They are most likely insensitive and have very little empathy, they are goal driven, very decisive, they most usually want to take decision for themselves and for you, they lack diplomacy, very demanding and are risk takers, they usually need compliance else they see challenging their authority as insecurity, they mostly think they can figure it out on their own, they strive for immediate results. They are great leaders, highly confident, highly independent, they are very explosive and may regret their actions just afterwards and begins to find a way to fix it, they can drive you crazy with their strong will, they love to control situations, they want you to agree with them and most men fall in this category, though women aren’t exempted.

The Phlegmatic

Why I'm The Way I Am - Temperament types
A phlegmatic woman looking skeptical

They are very purposeful, strong diplomats too. If you are in a conversation with a phleg it’s best you always inquire about what they mean than presume you got it. They are very connotative and speak in codes oftentimes, yet they are commodating and possess stable character, sometimes they are methodical but easy to live with, they seek peace and quiet in a world where there is nothing but chaos. Phlegs are usually empathetic, sensitive and indecisive but very calculative, late starters but good finishers because the most usually take into consideration things that most people wouldn’t they are also good compromisers, they hate to strain others, they bear things and worry a lot and may most usually withdraw to themselves.

The Sanguine

They are great conversationalist, they seem to be socially accepted, they are very expressive and impulsive. Basically, ladies fall more into this category but some men fall here too, mostimes this kind of men grew up over mothered and most ladies tend to be akin to them for company. They are great spice for life, a party etc, a world without them can be very boring and unexciting. They can gather people but barely has an idea how to manage the crowd, because usually they called you together before they start thinking. They dislike things that tasks their minds, and exerts pressure, they are frustrated by isolation. Once people with sanguine temperament get bored with something, they find another attraction, they set goals but break it off too easily, they can’t keep up they change priorities too easily . They tend to be talented in art, sports, fashion but can face significant problems with self-discipline since they usually have short attention span. Most times they are vulnerable, naive, trust too easily especially when faced with pressure. Sanguines could be more if they can be better organized.

The Melancholic

They have an exceptional analytical mind they need full details of everything before reacting, they are introverts, they hates to make mistakes, they want to do things right, diplomatic, accurate usually controlled by the fear of not being right, asks a lot of questions, extremely sensitive so they take things personal a lot, that’s why they are very observative other than talk, they are very sensitive (be careful of saying what you do not mean to a Melancholic because long after you say I’m sorry that’s not what I mean, then the Melancholic person, begin to think of why you said what you didn’t mean.) First, they get worried you said something and now they are worried about the reason why you did when you didn’t mean it. They are serious minded people, words determine the mood of a melancholic person, you can make them happy by speaking words and hurt them too by speaking words. They hardly express their true feelings, they may be smiling while they are hurting. They love to make research and sniff around. They are not very great at taking actions, have a lot of mood swings, and are mostly pessimistic, yet melancholics can build an exciting career in administration and are great family builders.

In summary, if you find yourself fall in any of the above categories you can work to be a lot better, happier and more accommodating as well as accomplished both in your career and social life.

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