Why Botty Clapping is Popular and How To?

Botty clapping or booty clapping is one admirable body art that has become growingly popular in the 21st century and it is rapidly wiidely adopted and displayed bby the female gernder, mostly of the demography between 16 and 35. A sight very common in night clubs, parties or privately among lovers who like to keep things in the bedroom kinky etc.

Botty clapping for distinct reasons is very different from botty shaking or ass twerking. This is because the art in botty clapping requires a bit more command and understanding of one’s anatomy to actually get that ass clap litearally speaking as opposed to botty shaking which does not exactly need lots of understanding one’s anatomy.


What is Botty Clapping?

Botty clapping otherwise called booty or ass clapping is the actual booty movement in a literal clapping fashion like the way a person will clap their hands but in this case with their boots, allowing it bounce against each other.

How Botty Clapping Is Done

Botty Clapping
Young beautiful girl dancing twerk on her knees

Botty clapping is a conscious act and at such can’t be done otherwise. It can be done in different ways by different ladies – standing in one place on two feet, sitting on some chair, some ladies can move it all around and bounce, and they are yet ladies who can do a lot more by clapping the booty on a handstand, Mostly the later, is popularly found with strippers as it is considered the height of booty clapping.

To actually botty clap, instead of going in quick up and down session like you would when twerking, you would apply the same movement but with your head lowered towards the ground and your back arched and begin to bounce and slap your booty cheeks side to side. Yes, that’s how to Make it clap, keep it going maybe slowly at first and faster.

Get a good song to help control your motion Tempo better. As, you gradually gain mastery try to add some spice, like milf, twerk, splitting or using some pole while standing, sitting etc and generally changing positions.


Why Is Botty Clapping done by Women?

Botty Clapping
lady booty clapping

Actually, yes botty clapping seems to be only done by women, and with good reasons of course. We can agree women have not just the perfect body shape and have mostly been attributed to be highly sensually gratifying, some persons have even gone further to sexualy objectify women. A phrase which some women have come to frown at. However, its safer to say women have the most elegantly perfect figure that appeals to the human eyes on booty clapping as they do in other kinds of booty dance or skills.

With the naturally flexible waist of a woman the botty clapping sits on her more gorgeously, than it does on the male gender. Also, it gives ease to the quick motion than the much stiffer waist of a male.


Benefits of Botty Clapping

Botty Clapping
Striptease exotic dancer performing for tired spouse
  1. Fun: It is very thrilling and fun to watch, a good way to gain the eye of a crowd if in a party or a dancing contest.
  2. Ignites Spark: For people in relationships who are feeling bored in thheir sexual lives, booty clapping cann be a good stir for lovers and get the relationship exciting again as it is very difficult to resist a clapping ass woman.
  3. Improves Flexibility: For people with growing stiff waists, ass clapping involves a lot of waist as much as boobs action and can make your waist more flexible as well as revitalize your hormones.
  4. Improves Mood: One thing about dancers and dancing is that most of them are usually in a good mood, this is because people only dance when they are happy and if one can adopt dancing when he or she is in a bad mood it takes less than 2-3 minutes to let go of that worry and botty clapping is a type of dance that serves same purpose.
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