Why dogs make amazing pets

Dogs are and have always been adorable creatures. Humans have always been in good relationships with this creature and have also co-existed in very cordial ways over the years.

Dogs are one of the most widely accepted forms of domesticated pets, toping the charts of other pets such as cats, rabbits etc and of course compared to pigs, goats, fowls and sheeps which are mostly domesticated for consumption or commercial purposes.

Dogs are not just the first choice of pet ideas to most homeowners but they are predominantly an attractive sight to behold.

Their characteristics are diverse though most share similarities across breeds. Some of these qualities include :

Active: All dogs are active creatures basically, they wag their tails and move around the entire surroundings they live in as they sniff through stuffs giving life to a boring or depressed host or owner. They are also very engaging in daily activities through observation.

Friendly: Dogs are called man’s best friends for a reason, they are there for their owners through good and bad times. In an animal like way, they show a sense of loyalty and care as well as comfort to their owners getting them off thoughts that may choke their peace, comfort and happiness.

Dogs make amazing pets
A dog being petted

Security concious : Basically, all dogs have this instilled uniqueness compared to other domesticated animals. This is also some reasons why most persons breed dogs or have them as their favourite pets. They are good security guards, they bark as a clear sign of an intruder at the first sense of one, and if needful, attack too.

Long lives: Dogs are great pets, they stick around with you for a pretty long period. Most dog breeds live within 10-13 years which is a good number of memories to create and hold on to as one advances in life.

Smart: Most dogs can find their way home if taken a few distance away from their usual environment. This is a rare trait for most domesticated animals. They are fast learners, and could run simple errands too.

Other unique qualities of dogs include those listed below, though they differ in specie and breed.

Dogs make amazing pets
A cute domesticated dog sticking out its tongue

Cute: Most dog breeds are exceptionally cute and adorable.

Teachable : Dogs aren’t just a type of pet that feels burdensome and do not have an inkling on how to listen or adhere to an instruction or an order. With dogs, the reverse is the case. They are teachable and do mostly as they are told, making the work easy for the keepers and owners.

Trained for Field Security: Some dog breeds such as bloodhound, German shepherd, Belgian malinos to mention a few are all for search purposes trained exclusively to carry out this type of roles effectively thereby improving quality of security and unfold mysteries in investigating crimes etc. This is an uncommon quality with other pets.

Therapeutic : Dogs are equally therapeutic, they offer some level of inner healing. They assist in curbing stress, depression, anxiety etc that may lead to high blood pressure or related diseases. It also improve cardiovascular tissues and reduces loneliness especially for the aged ones. Dogs can be good companies for strolling which are healthy for humans.

Incase you might be wondering what sort of dog breeds are suitable for domestication. Here is a few types :

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Bernese Mountain Dog
Alaskan Malamute
Boston Terrier
Labrador Retriever
Golden Retriever etc

Dogs are amazing pet for all ages, children inclusive. Children have good relationships with dogs, and feel sad when something goes wrong with theirs. Dogs are also dangerous just like any other animal and can be aggressive if not properly maintained.

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