Why they say “Charity Begins at Home”

More often than not we have come across that phrase “Charity Begins at Home” but like many other adage we have perhaps swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Without any attempt to further dissect, to know why, it is said.

On the other hand, some curious cats within us. May have asked the question why does charity have to necessarily begin from home?

This article will be supplying that answer very vividly enough to clear the doubts, sounds good?

If yes, let’s get right to it. This will help you to see why they say charity begins at home and if truly does



What is Charity?

Charity according to Wikipedia in very simple terms mean “generosity and helpfulness” especially towards the needy or impoverished lots.

Well that said and cleared, charity begins at home meaning:

A popular adage says “you can’t give unto others what you don’t have”. This implies that, you have to possess or own some quantity of a thing before being able to offer it out to another.

In other words, the act of charity is a quality that needs to be inculcated into an individual, in a way that this becomes part of him or her.


Apparently, there’s no better place to inculcate this attribute to an individual than right from home, when he or she is yet but a child.

This individual is taught to give, show empathy, share resources and responsibility etc. If this is not done, by the parents it’s most likely he or she may grow without understanding what charity is and therefore cannot relate when need arises.

This is the ultimate reason why it is advised that “Charity should begin at home” to avoid difficulties in adjustment when one steps away from his or her home.

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