Why You Need Pets

Ever watched a person cry over the loss of their pet? Could you relate to their pain or you simply dismissed it as unimportant probably because apparently pets are animals and not human, yeah? Also, how often have you been blessed with the sight of watching a pet get jumpy and excited playing with its owner on a cool sunny day in the open field of a park? certainly, they seem to share so much happiness and harmony that you know the world apparently could use some these days.

Pets are blessings in disguise, in my opinion. they are great treasures, that effortlessly make our lives easier. Though pets are highly diversified in colors, spot and stripes, habitats, names, temperament, as well as sizes and shapes and much more. They still maintain a significantly same and unique attribute which happens to be their greatest strength. These attribute does a number on humans who keep them and the ultimate part about having them is the ability they have to leave same effect in the lives of humans across races and geographical locations. It is important to note , though cats, dogs, goats, rabbits etc are popular pets, there are more to pet than those. Pets come in vary unique and entertaining varieties than can suit different personalities as well as affect these personalities too. Some examples include: Chipmunks, horses, pigs, Iguana, Spiders, Hedgehog and many more.

Why You Need Pets
Good For Your Health: It has long been proven by several researches that stroking an animal can greatly reduce stress levels? A study by US National Institute of Health showed that people who own pets visit doctors less often than those who do not. This is because it improves physical fitness, as well as mental health.

Pets can be extremely entertaining without even trying or knowing they are doing so, and without any special training too. Just think about watching your pup chase his tail that always seems to stay one step ahead of him, or when your cat chases a fly or finds a piece of string on the carpet and tries to grab it. Their antics instantly make us laugh.

Offer Emotional Support
Doesn’t it marvel you how something so inhuman can share and give as well as be so aware of humans emotional needs and goes miles to fix them to a large extent without asking for much in return? Pets do not demand, they just need safety, shelter, food and water this is largely because they cannot provide this themselves. Compared to what they give in return agape love, loyalty, essence, friendship, help in running errands, as well as security. Having a furry friend like a c at which holds back a bit on how to express its love compared to dogs means you will always have a little living, a little more renewed essence and hope, not to mention a loyal little being waiting patiently for you at home with welcome in every way it knows how. Just nursing that thought sounds quite amazing, yeah?

Pets are lifesavers for many people with special needs and also for people that struggle with stress, depression and grief often times. They restore an essence, pushing you to snap out of that laziness and grab your suitcase. Pets such as cats and dogs can have a deeply soothing effect on humans. For persons who need special care and attention, they may most like struggle with boredom that cannot be quenched by all the AI made technologies but nothing other than a pet. Just by getting a hug from your dog can revive your mood sending loneliness off the cliff. Let alone snuggling and licking your hands, face etc . This is usually because they can sense your anxiety.

Boost Confidence: Pets indirectly help boost our confidence by giving one a sense of responsibility which many persons shy away from. Having the opportunity to care of another living creature provides self worth and gives room for instilling values and lessons to something other than yourself. The confidence reminds you that you are capable of nurturing and providing for others too. Gratification to us lovingly, encourages us and shows us the wonderful results and the positive impact it has on our life.
Exercise: Pets are great motivations, they do for us what music do to us during jogging etc. Pets are good strolling , walking buddies. They keep one excited and eager as well as focused and definitely entertained throughout the period it lasts.

Conclusively, owning a pet will change your life and bring you so much joy and love.

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