Why You Should Keep a Buddy You Don’t Even Like

Inhumane! Ridiculous! taking Advantage! Unfair! Life in itself has never been fair right?

The first few words above are possibly your first reactions when you encountered this topic. Your sentiments are totally understood but how about you let me help you see it from another vantage point? Imagine you have this dude that usually comes around your space and he might not be your favorite person or does he even fall into one you would consider fit in your clique of friends naturally. Yet, he possesses a flawless prowess in wielding that rare piece of Fender Pawn electric guitar you have been trying so hard to learn but hasn’t made any reasonable progress still, and does it in a way very few persons can. What would you rather do, allow your ego decide your fate or shove your sentiments in the bin for a while and give that dude a bit of your space.

The world is filled with very talented people who definitely do not come in the shapes, complexion, heights and race you would liberally welcome with open arms. Neither, are you expected to like, accept or be friends with everyone that indicates interest to make your acquaintance and vice-versa. But, how you go about your sentiments towards them will either make or mar you and probably that once in a life time opportunity to meet that dream or goal you have or had set.

That said, here are a few “whys You should keep a buddy you don’t even like”

To Learn: Learning is an everyday practice and topics to learn varies, most of which do not come free. That buddy, you may want to toss off so readily may be just about the savior you have been praying for to learn that art, skill, etc at either a highly subsidized amount that it may be a total give-away compared to the price of learning same skill from a professional body or perhaps,, they may even choose to teach you all you need to know absolutely with no charges whatsoever but for the platform of friendship.

Thoroughly learning and teaching one a thing, takes more than just administering necessary materials and having them read about it, or watching videos on them. It include verbal and physical guide including theoretical and practical bits of learning. This is why it’s so smart to never dismiss people too soon until they are fully explored.

Why You Should Keep a Buddy You Don't Even Like
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Might be cooler than they Appear: Another reason is-people we often dismiss too soon for either physical appearance, status, religion, race etc are often times our worse mistakes. It sounds fine and practical to encounter and perhaps even believe in love at first sight and at the extreme sex at first sight. But, seemingly impossible to admit someone who our entire being had already written off long before they even got a chance to get close enough to prove themselves. Which, eventually in close range they might be cooler than they originally seemed from afar and we may eventually find their company irresistible and their talents indispensable.

Favoritism: Call this what you chose but then it is what it is. People who want to be friends with you mostly go lengths to earn that spot and that may include doing you little or huge favors depending on their persona, wish and potential aim in being a part of your life. Isn’t it great to enjoy some freebies now and then?

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer: You may not like them and never will, but like the old wise saying suggests it’s best to keep them close enough to know that you can see their activities. Now you tell me, will you call that dictatorship or being careful?

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