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Women Soccer (USWNT)

Women soccer is one of the very many roles in which women have proven their capabilities, talents and strengths among other areas. Women are very unique genders and this is not just about their aesthetics or physiology but in their ability to be diversified. Therefore, women time and again have long shown that they are able to take, discharge and handle whatever is thrown at them especially if it follows teamwork and competition.

Women soccer had only just become popular in the last two decades where it had become official and France one of the participating country team had won the world cup. The real history of women soccer has it roots buried in Europe.


Today, the celebration and recognition of female talent is steadily increasing and the gender imbalance in soccer is slowly beginning to level out. This has been a really long unsteady growth but the result has been worth it after all these years and some how it has come to stay.

In the United States, women soccer team resides under the body United States Women National Team(USWNT) where women are allowed to play international matches. It is also known to be the The most successful team among other countries that have similar bodies to support their women talent.


Women soccer team, allows women sharing professional expertise as they understand that women play vital roles in making soccer as a sport the success and entertaining that it is. Women soccer has enormous benefits on the women, the men, the society and even the country at large. Since, this women are given the chance to express their selves through football, to develop their strongest inner skills and showing as many as care to listen that they are strong, smart, and talented enough to bring respect and pride to their countries and families.

Women soccer is a vivid indication that should encourage more women to get involved in football across the world. As the benefits reaped from this involvement is enormous. Some of which include:

Challenging discrimination: Women soccer directly improve women’s representation at all levels of the game by challenging discrimination and lobbying for change in the sport industry, and also surges to eliminate negative attitudes towards women at every other social classes.

Good Health and Wealth : Women who play soccer will find out that the involvements in the game will help burn fat better than running or cycling and will improve coordination and development of muscle mass as well as make them physically agile this will prevent them from health related problems. Also there is benefits of good living status. This means that there is certainly going to be better lifestyles due to the constant and huge monetary benefits and other insentives that come with playing soccer both nationally and internationally.


Team work : Soccer is a sport that requires without a doubt the concept of teamwork, it isn’t a one man game. Therefore women who participate learn how to function and work as a team, filling in for a players weakness as well as tolerance in the face of an offense. This evidently improve all round social relationships.

Increased Mental Awareness: Soccer helps increase skills in concentration, relationships, self-esteem, reduces depression, swift thinking since it is a fast-paced game that requires immediate decisions on the field.

Numerous countries have encouraged and created platforms to support their women to participate in soccer among other games. While, some developed countries have gone extra miles to harness their future soccer talents at a very young age, training them through required processes and facilities to help them perform greatly when they are qualified professionally.

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