Would you say your music album contain good songs?

When you think of good songs, you think of something that’s easy to remember, fun to listen to, and really soothing.

Maybe it is because you can relate to the lyrics or it helps you to feel so much better.

In a world where we have millions of tracks on the airwaves today, sang in hundreds of languages and styles by millions of artists.

It could be very difficult to categorize quality songs that works generally for everyone. Since of course, everyone absolutely have different taste in music and vibes differently to the notes and rhythm.

Music Album

Owing to variations in exposure, values, beliefs, age etc. Inspite all these, there’s some general characteristics your music album should posses. To fit in as some sort of soothing balm and therapy during rough times.

These include :
Chord progressions: These are use of repetitions, with the erses using the same chords(harmonious pitches) and then having the melody or chorus using the same pitch.

Great Lyrics: Lyrics are simply words or notes the song is passing. This have to go with the chords. A song can’t connect to its audience on notes alone, though instrumental or non-lyrical music does evoke emotions and there can be hit songs that have no lyrics.

Music Album

Evoke Emotions: Great songs provoke emotions even from the most unemotional set of persons when listened closely, and allows a certain level of vibe. It just have to be relatable to the listener.

Unique hook or riff: One of the last parts of crafting a good song would be having a certain hook or a riff within the song that establishes its catchiness, mostly like a bridge or a unique pitch different from the entire body.

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