Yoga Ideas For Newbies

Yoga, yoga, yoga is the word on very many persons lips who barely do not attend any yoga classes or have a true clue of what it really is about but surprisingly fills others in on what they made out from hearsays or just what their idea of yoga is. Either ways, this has accounted for the many current misconceptions about yoga. Though, one thing is certain and true. This unchecked and unverified information has contributed to the popularity, growth and increasing practice of yoga by people in today’s society.


So, what exactly is Yoga?

Yoga is better viewed as a belief that is bent on improving your way of life, thoughts, and how you perceive life in general while allowing for optimum physical fitness in the process. With this definition and insight, you can see that yoga goes beyond an exercise on the lips of everyone.

Newbies to yoga should know this is one of the best choices they have made in the course of their existence in life and that it isn’t a waste of time and soon they will find out why.

Below are few basic ideas any Yoga newbie should have at their fingertips:

  • Yoga consists typically of eight unique branches or practices. It has an Indian origin and it signifies or interprets unity in English language. These eight branches have their indigenous names but in this article we will stick to its English translation, they include: “seat” or “pose” this is basically concerned with fitness and it is the most popular among modern societies.

    The next is “do no harm” concerned about social discipline, another is “self-care” this focuses on hygiene, also “conscious breathing practices” allows for thinking, inner self withdrawal is yet another branch, and so is “effortful concentration on meditation” where like the name implies you consciously learn to concentrate on meditation, then finally you have the “effortless concentration on meditation” it is believed that by now you have mastered stillness, and connection to the universe. These eight branches of yoga are part of the first things to know as a newbie.
  • Next, idea is to learn a few general yoga techniques – You don’t want to work into a yoga studio with absolutely no clue what to expect and then feel like quitting the next minute because you think you do not fit in. Well, learning a few poses on your own will do the trick. It also will help you adjust more readily and help you handle your breath, hip movements and spine-strengthening a lot better.
  • Every newbie needs an instructor especially in practicing yoga successfully. They’re usually referred to as the guru that translates to “one who removes darkness”. In yoga the teacher matters,” it is ideal to find someone who is “instructing these classes from a very holistic approach and also the studio type matters too.

Wear something comfortable:

Whether you are a newbie or not. It is important to choose something you are comfortable in for your yoga classes. It should be something that can absorb allow you to move, stretch, and breathe freely also having simple basic etiquette is necessary. Such as putting off your phone to avoid distracting yourself and others.


Be prepared to feel light sores after your first day:

This is certainly most likely for a newbie and will be overcome with more training sessions and a good guru.

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