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I am an experienced tech and innovation writer. It's been 3 years since I started writing at Terecle, covering mostly Consumer electronics and Productivity. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and learning the latest happenings around the tech ecosystem.425 Articles

Howdy? I'm Kani, an editor at Terecle.com. My job keeps me writing, testing gears, and editing reviews of laptops, and desktop PCs, how to proffer solutions to tons of personal tech problems. I also do whatever (legally) necessary at any time 24 hours permit; to cover the consumer tech world as an editor, and analyst since 2019.101 Articles

I've been with Terecle right from inception in 2021, covering a wide range of tech topics, including consumer electronics, social media, gaming, etc. I earned a BSc. Computer Science, and lots of tech professional certifications. Prior to working at Terecle, I worked as an IT support and System Administrator for lots of MSMEs businesses.88 Articles

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