“Mobile Data” The Cunny Silent Robber

Mobile data necessity and usage cannot be overemphasized in this technology age. Looking back this wasn’t even a topic let alone a necessity. But change they say is the only constant thing. The fact that you are reading this right now is certainly made possible by your ability to have mobile data on your phone or laptop. 

Today, mobile data is as necessary as owning a phone itself if not more. All kinds of businesses have a branch on the internet making the demand for data very enormous. Oh of course individuals are not left out in this quest. Infact practically the amount of mobile data bought by individuals if collected could equate that of huge companies.


Social platforms are ran with mobile data strictly. An average individual spends at least a thousand naira on mobile data in a month that currently about two US dollars, and in twelve months you know how much that adds up to per person.

Many individuals go as far as skipping meals as long as they can afford mobile data for their phones. Some go very ridiculous heights to have data to run so many individual needs as well as stay informed and up-to-date with local and worldwide events. Network providers make billions of naira on their part, struggling to provide the best value added services to earn one new customer to their preferred network.

If all of the above is right you may ask, how then is data a silent robber.


Well let’s see how individually, how much do you spend on data averagely in a month? Now, whatever the amount is, multiply that by twelve months. Oh there lies your answer, hundreds of thousands right, that’s exactly how much +_ should be in your account now, but far from it. It’s in your service provider’s, and that’s only calculated for mobile data totally void of calls and messages tariffs.

Now agree right? I thought you’d say so.

Way out :
Set an achievable mobile data budget
Live religiously on your set budget 

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