Amazon Astro Household Robot – What To Know

Amazon Astro Household Robot is a new autonomous robot, made by Amazon and launch on their products event on Tuesday. Astro was Amazon’s biggest announcement among others. Here is what we know about Astro and keep your eyes on us for any new updates on this product subsequently.


Astro’s Unique Features

This household robot can tail people at home. It is an Echo Show smart hub with wheels that can navigate ones home especially if your home has no stairs, it has special features that allows it to avoid furnitures and pets.

It performs home security functions, and keep an eye on your seniors at home as well as your younger children members it is very handy at your call to carry out all your Alexa-commands, good thing this Alexa got wheels for legs.

It can also play music, imitate chirping sounds and can perform dancing tricks as well as read out podcasts. Most times it swivels its head while playing funky tunes as would a human.

The bot is designed to learn your habits to make it more useful, it’s learns from how you use it. This means when Astro isn’t in use, it’ll hang out in a low-traffic area close by and charge.

Astro can equally assist in placing calls, send messages, set timers, alarms and other reminders you may need. ALso, this household robot has a small detachable storage bin so you can use it to carry and deliver items, like a bottle of water, to specific people in the home by creating a visual ID.


Amazon Astro’s specs?

Dimensions: 16.7x 9.8×17.3 inches and 20.6 pounds. The charger is 11×10.4×5 and 3.9 pounds.
Battery: Astro’s lithium-ion rechargeable battery can charge in approximately 45 minutes.
Camera: Astro has a 1080p periscope camera with a 132-degree diagonal field of view that extends 42 inches from the floor, and a 5MP bezel camera. Astro’s 10-inch HD touchscreen display has a 1,280×800-pixel resolution.
Wi-Fi: Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth connectivity support
USB-C port
Audio: Front-firing speakers and a passive bass radiator
Processor: 2x Qualcomm QCS605, 1x Qualcomm SDA660, 1x processor with Amazon AZ1 Neural Edge
1-year limited warranty
Included: Astro (device), cargo bin liner and cup holder, charger and 6-foot power cable, quick-start guide and welcome kit.
Requirements: You’ll need an active Amazon account and a compatible mobile device running iOS 13 or higher or Android 8 or higher and the Astro app.
Indoor use only.


Amazon’s Astro Price

Currently Astro has two different prices, starting price (the $999). We also have reasons to believe Astro might be even higher in he near future to the tune of $1,450.
Isn’t it amazing? Amazon’s return policy allows you to send back Astro if you changed your mind on acquiring the product and this is absolutely without charge. But must be returned “in new and unused condition”.

Can I buy the Amazon Astro outside the US?

No, for now Amazon will ship the Astro robot to addresses only in the 50 US states.

When will Amazon release its Astro robot?

So far, Amazon has only said that Astro will be available later this year. Presumably, the Astro robot will ship to preorder customers before Jan. 1, 2022,, stay with is for updates on this information when we get a sure date.

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