What is a mirrorless camera and how it has killed DSLR cameras

When DSLR cameras came in, they were quickly classified as ones for the “pros” but went orthodox. Just now, mirrorless cameras have been around for some time and have become a pain in the existence of DSLR cameras. If you are wondering what a mirrorless camera is and how it is better than DSLR.

What is a mirrorless camera?
This is a camera that doesn’t have a reflex mirror. Light passes through the lens directly onto the digital sensor. In DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras, a mirror is a crucial component where Reflex stands for the reflective nature of the mirror.

In mirrorless cameras, the images are displayed on the camera’s LCD before they are shot, giving you the possibilities to preview and adjust settings. Earlier generation mirrorless cameras didn’t give an option of interchangeable lenses but now mirrorless lenses are available.

How does a mirrorless camera work?
Mirrorless cameras are simple than DSLR, there’s no mirror to bounce off the light to the sensor and light is directly exposed to it. This gives a live preview of the image or video that you are shooting.

Once you press the shutter button, the image sensor gets covered up by a door. The door then moves down to expose the sensor to the light. The door will then move up to cover the sensor again to stop exposure and finally takes the picture.

Let’s look at pros that make mirrorless cameras better than DSLR cameras:

Lightweight than DSLR
For starters, mirrorless cameras are lightweight, compact and easy to carry around. DSLR camera are heavy and that has its own pros and cons.

Shutter speed
Mirrorless cameras are known to click images at faster shutter speed. This is certainly true when you are shooting a burst of images.

Better image stabilisation
Photos are less shaky compared to DSLR cameras

Real-time preview of images
You get a preview of exposure, contrast settings among other things on the LCD screen before you actually click an image. The viewfinder on DSLR allows you to check certain settings through the camera lens but to check exposure you have to first click the image.

Let’s look at the cons of mirrorless camera:

Battery life
The battery life is much shorter than DSLR cameras, which means they aren’t great for longer shoots.

Mirrorless cameras are also more expensive than DSLR cameras

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