How To Make Sticks In Minecraft

Here's how to make sticks in Minecraft, and the various things you can do with sticks in the game.

Minecraft is a video game created by Mojany studios. In this game you have to battle with mobs, construct shelters and explore the beautiful landscape.

It’s such an interesting game, it’s highly educational and entertaining so its suitable for your kids. In order to play the game successful you need to make sticks an important Minecraft building material.

Sticks are made of wood in Minecraft, and they are essential building materials you will need in this game. They are required to make pickaxes,banners,torches and other important crafts you will need in this game.

You will also need sticks for spelunking or mining , so you’ll need a substantial amount of sticks stocked for use at anytime you need it. Minecraft is available on your PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Java.


Materials needed to make sticks in Minecraft

The main material needed for sticks are wood logs from trees. Different trees makes their own corresponding logs, example oak tree will make oak logs.

These logs are made are turned into planks, from planks to sticks. Two planks will give you four sticks. All types of planks like Oak, Spruce, Birch, Acacia, Dark Oak, Bamboo and lots more are available in the game and can be used to build whatever you want to build.

How To Make Sticks In Minecraft

First you have to locate a tree

how to make sticks in minecraft

Then punch the tree. On your PC use the Left click on your mouse, for Xbox right trigger, PlayStation use R2.


NB: Basically you can give commands to Sticks on your PC/MacBook.

how to make sticks in minecraft

Punching the tree will release blocks on the ground,pick up the blocks that fall.

how to make sticks in minecraft

The next step is to open the crafting menu, a 3×3 grid which serves as the crafting table. Place any type of log in the crafting menu then place planks that match type of logs you used and create a stick.

how to make sticks in minecraft

Remove logs from your crafting interface,place two planks oriented vertically,one at the top and the other below it. When you fill the crafting area with correct pattern, sticks will appear in the box to the right.

how to make sticks in minecraft

Move sticks you have made from your crafting results to your inventory. Make sure you use same stick items; Bamboo planks for bamboo sticks,etc. Using a different item will change the item that is crafted.

What you can do with sticks in Minecraft

Sticks are very important crafting materials in Minecraft because it can be used to build lots of things that makes the game easy.

First use some sticks to make tools that make game easier like an axe to harvest more wood and make more sticks, axe makes it a faster process than punching which is slow. You can also make torches which are important for survival – to light your way and prevent mobs from spawning in your house.

You can use sticks for different activities like adding fuel to a furnace. They are various activities you can use stick for in Minecraft. Few will be highlighted here;


To make an axe

  • Place four planks on the crafting interface to create a crafting table
  • Place crafting table on the ground
  • Place two sticks and three planks in your crafting table to create an axe
  • Then place axe in your inventory and use it to chop trees instead of using your fist to punch trees.

Other things that requires stick in Minecraft

  • Weapons – You can make weapons like swords and bows using sticks as the main building block. They are different types of swords and bows you can make ; stone sword, iron sword, crossbow, arrows,etc.
  • Fishing rod – Use sticks to make fishing rod to catch fish in the game.
  • Tools – You can use sticks to make tools for your use like axes,pick axes, shovels,etc. You use sticks in combination with a second material like Ore.
  • Fence – Fences are required to protect your base and keep livestock’s safe. Make fences from sticks. You can make Oak fence, Bamboo fence and any type of fence you like using a specific stick.
  • Ladder – Ladder is very important for mining and spelunking. You use sticks to make ladders.
  • Torches – You use torches in Minecraft to light your way through in the day, night, or underground. You can make them using sticks.
  • Banners – You need wood and stick to make banners. Banners are needed to decorate your shield.
  • Signs – In this game you can plant signs to make a mark. Signs are made from sticks.
  • Rails – Rails are made from iron and sticks. Rails helps you to get around faster.
  • You can also use sticks to make barely, soul torch, Grindstone and lots if things you need in Minecraft.

Sticks are really basic items you need in your Inventory because you need them to make other items. These items you make in turn makes gaming more interesting and entertaining.

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