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How to Tell If POF Account Was Deleted

For those who have a POF account and is experiencing some difficulties or spontaneous change as extreme as a deleted POF account but existing rather pensively, this may be confusing and bothersome for just about anyone. Here is a common first signs on how to Tell if POF Account Was Deleted. Usually there happen to be some changes such as a sudden disappearance and seizure of activities on your profile, or inability to be reached by friends are most likely some signs of a deleted POV account, but these signs aren’t numerous and may leave you completely piqued and in oblivion. This article will help you decipher your answer to your inactive POF account, read on!


What is a POF Account?

POF is designed to help singles find happy relationships! We have the most FREE features to meet singles and include unique icebreakers to start engaging, it always tries their best to create a friendly environment for all the users that can be achieved by displaying certain forms of behavior. Here are some possible reasons why your POF account was removed.

Way to tell if POF account was deleted

Since, there is yet no way you can find out by yourself sadly whether your POF account was deleted, you will have to get your answers by other means. One of such is by employing the assistance of other users whose account are still active to verify if your profile is hidden (A Hidden POF profile means almost no part of that profile will be detected or appear in the Meet Me section and there will equally be no chance of other people to connect with you. Hiding a profile is not as abrupt as deleting the profile) or really no longer exists.

To do that;

Method 1

Have Friends Search For Your Username

Firstly, they will have to go to the username search page. Type in your username and click on search. If your profile is seen among the search results, it means your profile is only hidden but if your profile is not seen, it means your POF account has been deleted.

Method 2

Actually, there is a second method to check if your POV account concerns are true. This alternative method, requires that you go through your previous messages exchanged with the other users and if you cannot find your username or profile photo as a pop-up in the messages, then your account has been deleted by POF.


Why your POF account was deleted

No one likes to be evicted out of anything or group without clear spelled out reasons or heads up as to what their flaws were. So, incase you are wondering why POF did that on your account, in a simple straight answer – you may have broken the POF set rules but here are possible reasons that may have prompted the action.

Your focus is only on casual sex

Plenty of Fish website is strongly dedicated to pair people who are looking to find a relationship together and not for people who are looking to find nothing but casual sex. If you are found to have the latter in mind, your account will be deleted.

You Are Married

POF rightly meaning Plenty Of Fish live up to their name literally, by that it mans that though the platform is open to meet new people and help them find their perfect match. There are still very stringent rules that does not welcome married people, this is simply because they are already out of the sea of available fishes and POF seem to have some moral decency and respect for the Yes, I do institution. This further means if they trace and discover that you are married, your account will be immediately deleted.



If you are chatting rudely or arrogantly with someone completely manner less and disrespectful, yet persistently send them yours or other type of nude photos, inspite warnings, you my be blocked by that user. Once that happens, and your account get blocked more than once, that flags your account on the POF server and will be immediately deleted. Also, you are expected to be expressive, not condemning but open-minded to accommodate others, attitudes such as of discrimination against race, disability, sexual orientation, etc. will prompt an account deletion, as POF wants to ensure everyone’s uniqueness is respected.

You share inappropriate photos

This activity is strictly forbidden by POF. Yes, in addition to sending obscene pictures directly to a user, you are not encouraged to post inappropriate photos on your profile else you may get flagged by other users, and when POF locates such content your account will be deleted.

Logged in from a country where POF is not in Operation

Plenty of Fish always look to seize new market opportunities, but some countries have not been entered yet and do not have access to this platform legally, your account might be removed.

Furthermore, additional activities that may prompt POF account deletion as punishment are: spamming, soliciting a business, being a minor, a fake, a scam etc.


Restoring the deleted POF account

It would be good to have an option to restore the old deleted account. However, POF does not provide this option. The only way that you can do if your account gets deleted is to create a new one.

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