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Google Meet Screen Sharing Not Working? How to Fix Like A Pro

Normally, presenting your screen in Google Meet is usually a an easy process. Sometimes you might have a black screen or the share icon turned grey to signify that it’s actually not working.

How To Enable Screen Sharing on Google Meet

With no abnormalities, it is very simple to share your screen on Google Meet after joining a meeting.
Follow the guidelines below on how to share your screen on Google Meet:

  • On Desktop Select the up arrow, and then choose a presentation type.
  • App: Tap the three-dot menu, and then¬†Share screen.

How to Fix Google Meet Sharing Not Working

  • Restart your phone or computer. I would have recommend restarting just the Google Meet app or browser but minimizing to another app and then back to Google meet is not enough but restarting your phone or computer ensures that you have shut down the app completely. You can also try refreshing the page if you are using a web browser.

    N/B: You will have to join the meeting again
  • Contact your host and verify that the screen sharing option has not been disabled for everyone. They can remove the restriction by opening host controls (shield symbol) and enabling¬†Share their screen. On phone, his option is also available through¬†Meeting safety¬†by using the three-dot menu.
  • You can not share your screen if you are already and currently doing so. Google Meet has a few different sharing options, and most of them only work when the current screen share is disabled.

    N/B: If you are using Google Meet from a web browser, you will be able to share your entire screen, a certain window etc. You have to stop the share entirely, before you can choose another sharing option.
  • If you are sharing a whole window, make sure that the Google Meet page is not in that same window. Make separate Google Meet tab on it own browser window or change to single tab sharing instead of the whole window.

  • You make be overtaken ‚ÄĒ If someone else in the meeting shares’ their screen while you are still presenting, they will definitely overtake you as the main presenter. You will notice that the screen share is hidden but not removed. To solve this select¬†Resume presenting¬†from the share button and if you are using your phone, just start your screen share again to overtake the current user.
  • Check that the window you are currently sharing is not minimized as this will makes the screen black in Google Meet, appearing as if the share has stopped. If it’s minimized then you have to resize the screen.
  • Try another browser¬†Chrome,¬†Firefox,¬†Opera,¬†Edge etc. there might be a software incompatible with Google Meet, or a browser extension is interfering with screen sharing
  • If you are using macOS, there is a privacy setting you must enable for the browser you are using to allow screen sharing. On your macOS go to¬†System Preferences¬†>¬†Security & Privacy¬†>¬†Privacy¬†>¬†Screen Recording, and check the box next to your browser to permit screen sharing.
  • Make sure you update your browser or the Google Meet app.

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