How to Record Calls Using Truecaller for Android

Truecaller has finally rolled out call recording feature for Android phones to allow users record all incoming and outgoing calls — In 2018, Truecaller call recording feature was only available to paid subscribers. The recorded calls or files are stored right in your phone memory or SD card depending on which memory you chose as preferred storage medium on your phone. You can listen to your call recordings at anytime since the files are stored on your phone and you don’t need internet access to fetch your recordings.

You can access and share with your contacts or even save them on Google Drive the past calls you recorded by going to the call recording setting.

This feature is available for 100 percent of the users on the latest public beta version and five percent users on stable versions. The rollout is in phases and will take some time to reach your device, make sure you update your Truecaller app on Google Playstore.

Remember that Call recordings are also not legal in some countries, check with your local laws before proceeding with the following details below.

How to record calls using Truecaller for Android

  1. On your Truecaller app, Grant Truecaller the permission for record calls by tapping Settings > Accessibility on your device.
  2. Proceed by tapping the record button from the Caller ID screen when you receive or make a new call to record its audio.

How to disable Truecaller call recording for Android

If you ever want to disable the call recording feature based on some facts or personal reasons. Go to menu on Truecaller, Tap on Call Recordings, and turn off the Call recording option.

You can access the calls you recorded in the past by going to the Call Recordings setting on the Truecaller app. You can also share them with your contacts or save them on Google Drive. Remember, you can access your call recording files through the default file manager app on your device.

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