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Soft White vs Warm White [Which to use in your home or office]

Soft White vs Warm White? This article will help your We’ll help you choose what’s best for your home or office.

Lighting is an important aspect of our homes and environment, choosing the best lighting for our space helps bring out the beauty of our home or environment. But It could be quite difficult when it comes to choosing the best lights to use or differentiating between a soft white bulb and a warm white bulb. White bulbs indicates a reference point on the Kelvin scale.

The Kelvin denoted by symbol K is the SI base unit for measuring temperature. The Kelvin scale in this context is used to measure a bulb’s color temperature. Knowing the difference between the two could help one choose the right bulb suitable for a room/environment.


Soft White vs Warm White [Why the Difference?]

There are different types of white bulb because on a Kelvin scale, each Kelvin value indicates a level of warmth or softness of the white bulb. The higher the value ,the cooler or less yellow the bulb will look. What this means is that the Soft White bulb is higher on a Kelvin spectrum and will be a slightly whiter light while the Warm White bulb is lower on the Kelvin scale hence it has a warmer yellow tone.

Soft white light measures around 2700-3000K while Warm White measures 3000-4000K on a Kelvin scale. There are also other bulbs like the brighter white bulb which measures from 4000k to 5000k on a kelvin scale, and the daylight bulbs which measures from 5000k to 6500k on a kelvin scale; the daylight bulb imitates natural sunlight. But this article will be focused on soft white bulb and the warm white bulb and the best way to use them.


Best Way To Use Soft White And Warm White bulbs

Inasmuch as personal preference plays a role in which color temperature to select for the room, both the soft white bulb and warm white bulb have specific lighting functions. What looks good to Mr. A might not look good for Mr. B, so it’s also necessary to test different lights when decorating your home or environment to be able to ascertain what works best for you. Here is a breakdown of white bulbs and their most suitable area of use :

  1. Soft white which is a slightly whiter light is best for the Living room, bedroom, lounge, late night dining, relaxation centers, closets, dens, under cabinets. This is largely because a soft white bulb offers a warm ambience, and offers a cozy setting for relaxation. It gives the room a warmer glow and you find yourself relaxing.
  2. Warm white bulb on the other hand is more yellowish-white. It gives a warmer-yellow tone to an environment. You can get this from incandescent bulbs. It’s best for an open environment because they provide a brighter light which helps one perform tasks like reading, cooking, typing, washing, also it can be used as security light because of its brighter outlook. Warm white bulbs can also be used in offices in order to keep workers at alert and be more productive.

Choosing the right lighting bulb for your home can be an onerous task, likewise choosing the bulb that best fits the room. You might have come across a dinner setting with dim lighting to set a romantic mood, lighting can play an important role in setting the right mood for an event because lighting generally affects the way people feel.

That same way good lighting in our homes and environment brings out it’s beauty and sets the right mood for work or relaxation. Taking these few tips into consideration while choosing a white bulb can help achieve a perfect lighting for your home, office, environment and any other place you need light.

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